The near collapse of our business, the tragedies within our families, and the erosion of community energy as we knew it. Wow, what a year. For us it prompted stark and radical change. We've always created workspace that recharged us instead of drained us, and social space with more meaning than just alchohol and beats. With our new project we move beyond our most creative coworking design into a world of possibilities packed with purpose, fueled by passion and necessity. We’ll work together, learn together, and shape our city together.


ASPACE has always been about smart people + possibilities. We act as a crossroads for the original thinkers and doers in Manila and beyond. We each have our own character, we stand tall, and cannot be bought nor bullied, the Punk. We are playful, creative, and community minded, the Dolphin. Together we Punk Dolphins elevate each other and the city around us. It might take a while for others in our communities to embrace the post-pandemic change, for us though, we’ll shape the change and inspire bravery.


We pioneered coworking and trashed the office cubicles and outdated hierarchies. Our Members and collaborators number among the most original thinkers and doers. And we've been creating, crafting, and inventing original spaces, and experiences for a decade. This is what we love to do. How about you?


Your voice at ASPACE is amplified. We are inspired by you to create events and programs and space, to pursue collective goals, and to shape our lives beyond consumerism, beyond the screen, beyond the narrow confines of politics and commerce, beyond societal labels and privilege. If you are shaping positive change, original in your mindset, and brave, you’ve just found your tribe.


Life is experience, and we’ve been hosting, creating, collaborating, and spontaneously erupting with sponsor-free experiences for the past 10 years. Monthly indie art exhibitions, the launch of Burlesque, deep conversations on technology and culture, fierce debates on privilege, futures, and personality. You name it, we’ll develop it into an original program with passion and purpose.


We mix and blend our community experience and our narrative into our design, preferring to collaborate with many and experiement ourselves rather than outsource to one interior design firm and import furniture from a factory overseas. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s creatively chaotic, but it’s always authentic. We don’t just buy, we invent. Even this website was 70% done by MaMo, the Founder and CEO by day, web designer, copywriter, and brand overthinker by night.


Friendly, knowledgable, curious, and collaborative. That’s you and it’s us. We don’t operate a shallow service culture, we share space where we bring our skills and you bring yours. We've stocked member-designed t-shirts, served member-baked cookies or member-mixed cocktails. At the behest of you, we've been inspired to design programs to support education for underserved children, and hosted member-initiated music events and exhibits. We've listened to your ideas on how to improve our space, and sometimes you've brought us your artwork, or recommended a superb engineer. We've fed families during floods, backed cultural showcases, and never knowingly said "no" to a great idea or mindful opportunity.


Embrace your colour, and come share it.