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2022/01/02 22:22:22

"The Astbury is a response to our post-pandemic freedoms, the choice to work wherever you are most incredible. For us it's not just home, it's definitely not the old-school office — it's five floors of fresh air and fresh thinking." — Matt, Founder, The Astbury*

* The Astbury in Poblacion is a transformative private members hub with purpose. Five floors open to you 24/7. Connect, work, learn, dine, recharge, and collaborate, without the crowds. Plus an annual calendar of sponsor-free and mindful programs for professional and personal growth.

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Gardens + Green

Extreme ventilation, fresh air and plants on all floors, and atop our roofdeck lounge. Healthy habits and fresh thinking embedded in our menus. Breathe deeply.

Fuel & Finesse

Dine-awaywhere, cook, order from neighhbourgood restos, join private dining events, or choose from our in-house ground-breaking nootropics menu, local and plastic free, from the Café or Fire Deck. Free liquids and snacks, affordable dining, retail pricing for wines, craft beers.


Private rooms, quiet floors, social collaborative spaces, creative studios. Desks and chairs, sofas or beanbags, standing or lounging. We got you.

Programs + Purpose

You'll learn, contribute, connect, and shape the city around you. We have a diary of events, activities, interactions, experiences, both live and online. Go home happy, daily.


24/7 access, host your guests in designated areas, bring your well behaved pets, find free parking for two wheels, cook your own lunch, stow your luggage, organise your own events and programs, bring the family over on Sunday.

No assholes

Our community is creative, committed, mindful. Egos + wallets don't get you through the door, focus and vision does. Relax, this is your kinda space.

10,000/ month
  • Eligibility criteria
  • 8-to-late access
  • Mon-Fri or by appointment
  • 20 personal check-ins per month
  • Plus events and activity invites
  • From July 15 onwards
  • One year Membership
25%Discounted additional Memberships
  • Requires x1 Resident Membership
  • 25% discount applied to subsequent Memberships
  • Consolidated billing
  • Personal partnerships or Teams
  • Transferable

You’ll find us in the heart of the avant garde, a 5-storey oasis within the heritage district of Makati: Poblacion. Walking distance to Rockwell, Z Street, Sinigang Valley, Salcedo Village, and Ayala.

For each intake, if there is any availability, we prioritise different sectors and profiles to rebalance the Membership. This ensures diversity and harmony, the aim being that everyone you meet should be connected and fascinating in their own way. It also allows us to remain within our capacity levels and avoid crowds during this pandemic period.

Sectors and focus areas we prioritise include creative industries, ethical tech, arts, social impact, sustainability and environment, urban planning, progressive food & lifestyle.

Entrepreneurs + Venture
Creatives + Arts
Social Impact
Food + Lifestyle
Business + Backing
Social climbers

In 2009 we pioneered coworking and trashed the office cubicles and outdated hierarchies. In 2011 we rather lazilly called ourselves “A SPACE” (just a space for fun people) and accidently started the coworking movement in the Philippines. Since then our Members and collaborators number among the most original thinkers and doers in the country. We’ve been creating, crafting, and inventing original spaces and experiences for a decade. This is what we love to do.

Since the arrival of Covid though, we’ve experienced the near collapse of our business, the tragedies within our families, and the erosion of community energy as we knew it. Wow, what a year. For us it prompted stark and radical change. We’ve always created workspace that recharged us instead of drained us, and social space with more meaning than just alchohol and beats. With our new project we move beyond our most creative coworking design into a world of possibilities packed with purpose, fueled by passion and necessity. We’ll work together, learn together, and shape our city together.

At the heart of this change is a greater confidence that offices are outmoded, and the hybird habits that we have long embraced – working from home, from ASPACE, from the pool, or from a café – is more closely aligned with our human preferences. What’s more, if we could only encourage a culture that energised us at work, and connected us socially with the best of each other, amplifying the ideas and causes we champion.

You work and you play, and you sustain positive change along the way. That has become our starting point for this next phase in our evolution, a space where just by being present we contribute more, and benefit from the change wrought by this Pandemic.

Gifted and sponsored memberships are offered to the broke + talented, the nascent startups working on impactful issues, and the under represented entrepreneurs and artists. Express your interest using the application form below and we’ll be in touch with more detail. In short, you pay, and they apply for the membership you have bought. In return you’ll be able to make a direct connection with the recipient(s).

Apply below, or just start a conversation with us using the live chat function.

We don't spam, do hard sales, or call without messaging first.
No payment is required at this stage. Sending this form will automatically asisgned you a priority number based on the date. We will then review in person and reach out with more details on your Membership options. You may receive an invitation to visit the hub (drop-ins are not available during the pandemic). Once all parties are satisfied, your Membership pack will be issued and your fees will be due. Eligibility criteria is based on areas of focus and level of experience (for a balanced Membership), type of Membership required, expected usage of the space, and expected involvement in programs.

Can you see the icon popping up in the bottom corner? That’s all you need to start a conversation with Matt (Founder), JP, James, or Marinela. You’ll mostly find us enjoying screen time through the day, and at night you can just leave us a message, request a guestlist pass to visit, or learn more about how to get involved.

What matters most is how well you walk through the fire